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Welcome to Incident Management & Lost and Found Property reporting system.

By providing this facility, our aim is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to inform us of any incident they may consider that we should be made aware of, we also wanted to make the reporting of lost property simple and convenient for the loser in the hope that they may be repatriated with their property sooner.

By using the Icons above you can quickly and easily perform all these tasks from the comfort of your own home, or indeed wherever you may be at any time of wanting to report such matters. The more detailed information you supply in the different categories (Colour, Serial Number, Make etc) the more chance you will have of recovering your property.

Go mobile with our UNIGUARD Mobile App.The App helps with the reporting of emergency, medical and non medical issues where assistance is needed and also manages any personal items of property that is being used on site that may become lost or stolen. You can make it easier to retrieve your items by allowing you or your parents can use the app to pre-register your worthy or valuable possessions by entering the information about the item whilst you still have it in hand!! Find us in the Apple Store or Google Play by searching for "UNIGUARD".

The pre-register process simply requires you to input the Category, Make, Model and Colour of the item along with any unique Serial Numbers. Our concept is to allow you to record this important information whilst you have the item at hand. We can then obtain this information to automatically create a lost report if you lose a particular item.

If something you have lost has been found and recorded into the system then our Intellectual Match Algorithm will try and identify your lost item with any found item in our extensive database. If you have supplied a unique serial number i.e. IMEI No on Mobile Phones or Tablets, Serial No on Laptops, Student ID on a Card that's inside your Wallet or Purse then this would produce a significant match.

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